g r a p h i c s

fan.jpg Fan.jpg 67K
Or perhaps a shield, depending
on how you use it.

Flower2.jpg 44K
This is from a photo of mine
that I scanned and reworked.

grnsphr.jpg Grnsphr.jpg 55K
I like playing with themes and variations. The three grnsphr images, grnshpr2 and grnsphr3, are in that spirit.

Horus.jpg 24K
The messenger of the gods.
Horus and the Earthmom are good friends.

grnsphr2.jpg Grnsphr2.jpg 123K
This is the second in the grnshpr series.

Shivaeye.jpg 206K
I guess this could also be the eye of Horus.In any case, a fractal image that I reworked a bit. A larger image, but worth it.

grnsphr3.jpg Grnsphr3.jpg 124K
This is the third in the grnsphr series.

Earthmom.jpg 102K
When I first found this woman of the world she was ensnared in the Web. I remodelled her to help her reveal her true nature.